Should I do a Maternity Photo Shoot?

Finding out that you’re pregnant is a life changing moment. But until you have the baby in your arms, it’s all still very surreal and almost blissful.

You are already a mom, you have the heartbeat inside you, but until you can see or touch your baby, it still doesn’t feel real.

At least that’s how it was for me. Also, pregnancy went by so fast, nine months felt like nine days, and I’m so glad I found time in between my crazy work schedule and baby gear shopping to take my maternity pictures.

In that whirlwind of emotions, while I was trying to get everything ready for the baby to arrive I don’t remember enjoying being pregnant, taking time to unwind and just be.


Now I encourage my maternity clients to take time just to celebrate their pregnancy, the changes that are happening in their lives. For some women this will be the only time they experience being pregnant. Isn’t it a good enough reason to celebrate?

Creating a new life.. bringing a new person into the world… someone you’ll never imagine living without… Now this is something

Jobs, houses, friends come and go, only you will always be you. And now you have another extension of you to welcome into this world

Take a deep breath, turn off your phone and TV, close your eyes and listen to the heartbeat inside you. You’ll be okay. You may not be perfect, but you will be the best mom for your baby. He or she will love you no matter what, it’s a given. Now breathe out. Better?


Whenever you’re ready send me an email and I would love to do a maternity session to celebrate this special moment with you. Don’t wait too long, weeks go so fast. Best time to have a maternity sessions is usually between 28 – 36 weeks, as long as you already show well and still have enough energy.



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