Romantic maternity photo session – Shades of Pink

I got very excited when Clarissa asked me to take her maternity pictures – she already had lots of ideas for the styling and the props for this photo shoot! Not to mention that Clarissa is an extremely talented makeup artist, who works on TV and video production, and she also has the whole team of makeup artists and hair stylist for wedding and events in Washington DC and DMV area. Check their website at http://www.creativeimagesvamddc.com/


For her maternity session Clarissa ordered a custom made chiffon dress, that fit her perfectly. It was a light shade of pink, very flowy and romantic.


They also got a pink vintage couch from a thrift store for less than $100. That was a perfect set up for a maternity session – they were expecting a baby girl!



We also used some hand crafted paper decorations to bring more of the pink tones to the setup.


The location that we picked for the session was basically in the backyard of their house in Northern Virginia, so we didn’t have to move the couch too far away from the house. It was late summer, beautiful day, just before the sunset.



Clarissa wanted her husband to join her for some of the photos, and I can’t believe how much romance, love and fondness they have to each other, after five years of marriage. And now a little baby girl was on her way… romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-13 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-14 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-16

That was a very special maternity photo shoot!


romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-9 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-10 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-12 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-17 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-18 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-19 romantic-maternity-photo-shoot-video-ksenia-pro-photography-maryland-dc-virginia-20

Oh, did I tell you that we got creative and did a short maternity video? It was very touching to hear them say what they feel about having a baby and what they think the future will bring. Check the video below

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