Baby’s on the way!

One of the many things I love about my job is to follow my clients’ lives and witness their major life milestones. A little less than a year ago I was with Marjan and Payman, taking their wedding pictures. and now here we are doing a maternity session and soon a newborn photo shoot for their baby.


babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-1 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-2  babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-4

This is amazing, really. I already know that they will be excellent, loving parents – by the way he holds her in his arms and worries about the mosquito bites, by the way she looks at him.

babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-6 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-7 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-8 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-9

We found a great spot in their neighborhood in north potomac, where they usually go for a walk with their cute dog Charlie.



Charlie is going to be a big brother now, not sure he fully understands the responsibility yet 🙂babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-11  babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-13

It was a beautiful summer evening, just a couple hours before the sunset. The rays of warm light coming through the foliage made it all look almost magical, warm, it’d even say happy.


babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-14 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-17


This photo is personally my favorite from their photo shoot. They kinda look like a dream family.

babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-18 babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-19    babys-on-the-way-ksenia-pro-photography-21

The End

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