Glamour Portrait Session With Kseniia

Yes, you read it right – her name is Kseniia too – isn’t it funny? That’s so random to meet another girl from Russia living in DC with the same name. Well, I’m glad she had applied to my Model Call Special and came for her Glamour Session!

Kseniia is a fitness coach and a competing body builder (fitness bikini category). With that said, obviously she is beautiful, but with so much training she feels like she’s always wearing sports clothes and doesn’t get to feel pretty and glamorous that often.


Besides being into sports, I found out that Kseniia has lots of other talents – she speaks Japanese and used to live in Japan, she is an artist (I wish you could see her oil paintings! So realistic, with beautiful colors and amazing technique) and a lifestyle video blogger. I’m sure these are just a few things she’s good at, because it seems like she can do it all!


For her Glamour Session Kseniia decided to have makeup done at my studio. I feel like Tasia did a great job and pick all the right colors for her complexion. I was very pleased with the results – the hair and makeup looked photographed beautifully!


For the first outfit we decided to go Calvin Klein style – white crop top and denim overalls – casual and sexy. I usually prefer to start with more casual outfit and more toned down poses.

ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-4 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-1 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-2 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-3 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-8

I also decided to go with a simple white wall as a background for the clean look.

After Kseniia changed for one of the dresses she brought for the shoot. This flowy dress had a very pretty light gray color that photographed so well against light pink backdrop. It looks so feminine and gentle, I love the way the pictures turned out!

ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-9 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-10 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-11

For the next outfit we tried one of the dresses I had at the studio – a little black dress type of outfit. The dress fit her perfectly well, and with thin straps and a little bit of sparkles it was a perfect fit for the “dark sexy look”.

ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-13 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-15We added the fan into her hair – and voila – model-like pictures came out right away! ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-16ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-18 ksenia-pro-glamour-portrait-photographer-dc-19


This session was so much fun, I’m in love with the shots and couldn’t wait to share them with you! I’m so glad that I got to meet another Kseniia from DC 🙂

Wonder how your pictures would’ve turned out? Let find out – I’m just a call away.

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