Coronavirus Policy Updates

First of all, I want YOU to be safe and stay healthy. At the same time let’s stay calm and be reasonable.

Here it’s business as usual, sessions are scheduled as planned and booking SPRING BLOSSOMS MINI SESSIONS NOW, unless the situation get significantly worse or someone in my family or immediate circle gets sick. But so far so good, just taking extra precautions, like everyone else.


As of Monday March 16th the schools in MD will be closed for two weeks, in Montgomery County MD public recreational facilities will be closed, most employees are asked to telework if possible, as well as events and gatherings over 250 people are prohibited and have to be postponed. It’s a preventive measure to avoid spreading the virus, which makes total sense.

As of today, March 14th 2020, there’s 26 cases officially confirmed in the state of Maryland, there have been no deaths in MD, and no children have been infected. The first 3 cases of coronavirus in MD are already recovered and cleared of self-quarantine, according to https://www.wbaltv.com.

Maryland population as of 2020 is a little over 6 million. So the percentage of confirmed cases is next to nothing. However, Washington DC is a highly congested area, which increases your chances of exposure.

The first cases of coronavirus in Maryland were registered in Montgomery County and those are the ones who are already recovered. So things are not as bad as the seem on the news. Except toilet paper shortage lol. That stuff is real!

What measures I’m taking to protect my clients and myself:

I wash or sanitize my hands and equipment before and after each session
Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes are available in my studio and in my backpack for on location shoots
– I haven’t traveled recently and don’t have any upcoming travels plans until later in summer
– Before and after studio shoots I sanitize the bathroom, studio and the hallway with bleach and wipes all surfaces
– I consider start wearing gloves and a mask to protect my clients, even though I’m not sick
– I haven’t been sick or had a contact with anyone who has seemed unwell. My family members are healthy as well
– Every morning I do a simple lung test – take a deep breath and hold it for at least 10 sec, if you start coughing or getting out of breath you might want to get checked out
– I encourage my clients to monitor their health and watch for any potential symptoms – shortness of breath, dry cough, fever
If you’re sick please reschedule or cancel your session right away. In most cases I will be offering full refund. 4 hrs notice is required.

Don’t panic and enjoy traffic-free life!!!!

There’s so much beauty in world, now is time to look up and notice and the beautiful things around you.

Appreciate your family, enjoy your kids staying home (I know it’s a lot!), cook home made meals and enjoy the simple way of life with no hectic commutes and board meetings. Take this downtime as a gift and time to reflect on your life, your goals and mental health.

No one canceled family dinners, self care, intimacy, deep conversations, snuggles under blanket or late night Netflix binging.

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