Frequently Asked Questions about Glam Photo Shoot

What is a Glam Photo Shoot

Glam Photo Shoot with an internationally published fashion photographer Ksenia Pro is more than just a photo shoot, it's a whole experience. Our goal is to make you feel and look like a celebrity having your picture taken for a magazine.

How do we achieve that? Starting with custom designing the photo shoot of your dream (you want white feathers? we can do that!) and creative brain storming, and finishing up with hand selected and fully retouched photographs.

Great customer service includes full image consulting prior and after the session, professional hair&makeup, full guidance through your photo shoot, assistance with your wardrobe, complementary beverages and snacks. Girls, you're in Glam Heaven!

Do you provide clothes for Glam Photo Shoot?

The answer is yes and no.

While we certainly do have some pieces you can borrow from the studio wardrobe, we cannot possible have clothes of all sizes and styles.

Clients are responsible for their wardrobe for the photo shoot, but we're more than happy to let you use some of our accessories and outfits. Please, bring at least 3-5 outfit options, so that we can have a variety and a back up plan in case something doesn't work! I've had experience with zippers breaking in the middle of the shoot, clothes not fitting right and other wardrobe malfunctions, so I'd rather you to bring more than less.

Shoes or no shoes?

I know most girls love shoes! So you can certainly bring your favorite pair or two for the shoot. However, during your Glam Photo Session we're focusing on taking beautiful portraits - close-ups, upper body shots and knees-up crops. Most of the time your shoes are not showing in the picture, so feel free to take those heels off!

But some of the photos may be full body (standing, sitting, or lying down), that's when it's show time for those crazy heels you get to wear only when someone's getting married.

Do you provide hair and makeup?

I thought you'd never ask - if fact, we do! A professional makeup artist/hair stylist will be on set if you request the service.

If you do have hair&makeup included with your Glam Photo Shoot package, or request it as an add-on, never worry about doing your own makeup or rushing to a salon last minute. We've got all the quality makeup products for any skin type*, as well as tools and products for hair styling*.

* Please, let us know in advance if you have had allergy reaction to any cosmetic products in the past. If your hair requires special styling (a wig or unusual hair style), please inform us in advance as well. We want to make sure we're well prepared for your photo shoot!

If you prefer to have your hair and make up done on set, please arrive for your shoot with clean hair and no makeup. We cannot provide hair wash service at the studio.

Can I do my own makeup and style my hair?

Yes, of course! We won't be selling you the service you don't need.

If you're great at doing your own hair and makeup, that's great! In that case, please arrive fully prepared for your photo session (with hair and makeup done prior to the time of your photo shoot).

Little hair/makeup adjustments (like lip color change) can be definitely made before and during your session at the studio, but we won't have enough time for full makeup application. So, let's get it covered beforehand and focus on taking stunning photos of you!