Mommy & Me Photography

I recently created a “mommy and me” photoshoot option for my clients, because as a mom myself I know how hard it is to feel glamorous sometimes, and how easy it is to forget to capture some photos of us with our babies. 

Being a mom and a business owner means im constantly busy, so I wanted give moms a reason to dress up and celebrate themselves and their bodies for being able to carry life and for now to being able to hold their babies.

My clients often ask me when the best time is to do a “mommy and me” photoshoot and the answer to that varies. 

It can be done at any age, however at 6 months is the sweet spot!

At 3- 10 months old, they can interect with the camera and show their personality. As toddlers they are busy bodies and maybe a bit cranky, so we have to be very creative and patient but it can be done!  Very important to not book the photoshoot during the babies’ naptime. 

Don’t worry because the 4 / 5 year olds can also get in on a “mommy and me” photoshoot as well. It will be even easier to direct and pose them, and they will love the special time with mommy. 

So while we encounter some crying with the little ones; with patience and creativity we also manage to capture the sweetest memories you will ever physically hold. It goes by so fast, it’s important to capture those precious moments. 

So if you would like to book a Mommy and Me” photoshoot; please access the link bellow and we’ll be happy to schedule you a complimentary phone consult to go over the details and plan your Mommy & Me Photoshoot.


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