Boudoir Photo Shoot at W Hotel in DC

Boudoir sessions are mainly done for private purposes; therefore, not many images will be published publicly. However, I can published this boudoir session with gorgeous model, Lana who wore luxury lingerie provided by Le Bustiere (https://lebustiere.com/). For boudoir sessions, I prefer shooting at hotels for an elegant vibe or at the client’s home for the personal aesthetics. This boudoir session was shoot at the W Hotel in Washington DC.

For this session, the images went from a moody and seductive vibe, to very Frenchy lilac with pearls, finishing off with a fun girly, very innocent look – perfect for “something blue” on your wedding day.

boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-2   boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-7 boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-8 boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-9  boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-11 boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-12boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-5boudoir-photo-shoot-at-w-hotel-in-dc-ksenia-pro-photography-4

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