Bathtub Photoshoot at my studio

I’ve always admired those dreamy bathtub photos you come across on Pinterest. so, I’ve always wanted to do a bathtub photo shoot myself, but never got a chance to do it, until recently.

Last year my husband and i finally moved to our first house (yay!), where I get to shoot a lot of cool stuff now. So, I finally have a beautiful spacious master bathroom with…. (drumbeat) – a bathtub and a window for beautiful natural light!

Although, I could’ve shot in a tiny apartment bathroom with a flash, nothing wrong with that; this bathroom is almost designed for photo shoots, seriously. well, it’s not gigantic, but big enough to set up a ladder or take a few steps away from the tub.


So, when I hit a slow week with my regular shoots, i decided it’s time to shake things up and called Andrea, the model and Tasia, the makeup artist. These are my go-to ladies when it comes to the team for a photo shoot.

I decided to do a few different setups – first a very pure, innocent look – the model wearing a white flowy tunic. for that one i used just clear water, cut some flowers and put them in the tub.


The second setup was the most anticipated one – a milk bath1 it just looks so whimsical and dreamy, I had to try it. I’ve always wondered how to make the water look milky/murky. No way they were actually waisting tons of milk to get the shot. Apparently, dry powder milk works best – 3-4 pouches are enough to make the whole tub look like it’s real milk. To avoid excessive foam, fill the tub with warm water first, and then dissolve the powdered milk, not vice versa. It actually dissolves really well, without forming any lumps. I tried things like powder creamer, it didn’t work as well. All comes with experience ))


With the red dress, bold lip and eyebrows and pale skin, Andrea looks like Snow White here, don’t you think? I almost want to place a red apple into her hand now when I’m looking at this picture.



I case you were wondering, the milk bath the way we did it is not sticky and doesn’t leave stains on the fabric. It’s actually good for the skin and the model said it was very relaxing, like in a spa. Maybe you should try it at home.

Lastly, I had this idea of a photo shoot in color tinted wanter. I picked violet/purple/magenta color scheme. To tint the water I used food color, as I knew it would be safe for the skin, since you can eat it.  i had to mix two colors to get that violet tint, so it was a little bit of a process of getting the right color and the right amount of tint.



It does look very pretty, however I wasn’t sure if the color would stain the model’s skin and the clothes. I was mostly worried for her skin, because it would turn unnatural blue color, which wouldn’t be good. That’s why I was hesitant of using too much color. now when I look at the picture, I think we could’ve add more color to the water. Now I know it’s safe enough – the food color leave stains only when it’s concentrated. once dissolved in water, it doesn’t seem to color the skin much.

This particular bathtub photo shoot got very popular on my Instagram, and I got a few requests of maternity shoots with similar setup. Very exciting! I think it’d be a great idea for a sexy boudoir shoot as well.

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