5 Easy Maternity Poses

Today I’m going to show you 5 easy poses for maternity session that anybody can do.

Maternity Pose 1. Basic I usually start every maternity session with this basic pose and we even repeat it with slight variations throughout the photoshoot.

  • Body straight on toward the camera
  • One knee slightly bent and that foot is on tippy-toe
  • Arms around the belly, one up one down
  • Soft hands! Don’t clench into your bump
  • Looking straight on or slightly to the side or down

Even though this pose is basic and very easy to do, it could look quite dramatic if you add a tossing train or another dramatic outfit and/or props. Because Basic, doesn’t have to look basic.

Maternity Pose 2. Basic Side – Almost the same pose, but you turn sideways and look over your shoulder (to the camera) or down at your belly

And again, you can get creative with this one – I like to add fabric

#3 Silhouette – A great pose to show your pretty curves. I place my client in front of a window in order to achieve the most beautiful black and whites and soft silhouettes.

#4 Sitting on the floor. It’s very easy! maybe not so much for an expecting mama, but I make sure to help them.

#5 Leaning against the wall. Gives the mama some rest and makes for for stunning images. You can touch your belly, while looking down or sideways, or look at me. Either way, we’ll have tons of images to choose from.

Now, don’t you worry when it comes to posing because I will be happy to direct you so it looks effortless.

To book your maternity session, please access the link below.


See you in the studio!

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