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26 Jun 2020

Mommy & Me Photography

I recently created a “mommy and me” photoshoot option for my clients, because as a mom myself I know how hard it is to feel glamorous sometimes, and how easy it is to forget to capture some photos of us with our babies.  Being a mom and a business owner means im constantly busy, so I wanted give moms a reason to dress up and celebrate themselves and their bodies for being able to carry life and for now to […]

12 Jun 2020

Posing tips for men

Because you don’t have to be a model to look super cool on your photos. Today, Im about to show you some poses that will make you look so cool and confident in front of the camera, that no-one will ever know you were once nervous, or clueless on how to pose. To start out; we want to accentuate the shoulders so it looks broader. So all you have to do is bring your shoulders forth ever so slightly. And […]

08 May 2020

5 Easy Maternity Poses

Today I’m going to show you 5 easy poses for maternity session that anybody can do. Maternity Pose 1. Basic I usually start every maternity session with this basic pose and we even repeat it with slight variations throughout the photoshoot. Body straight on toward the camera One knee slightly bent and that foot is on tippy-toe Arms around the belly, one up one down Soft hands! Don’t clench into your bump Looking straight on or slightly to the side […]

04 Apr 2020

When is the best time to do a Maternity Photo Shoot

When is the best time to do your maternity photos and how early should you book your maternity photoshoot? This is one of my most asked questions. The best time to actually have your photo shoot is between 28 and 36 weeks. It can be done a little bit later, but I wouldn’t push it too close to your due date just in case you have to deliver earlier than planned. Also keep in mind that when you get closer […]

25 Feb 2020

Romantic Boudoir Video and Photo Shoot

Last year we had a collaboration with model Anastasia Vakula and a talented hair& makeup artist Alisa Venglinskaya and created this seductive boudoir video at my studio. It was inspired by a perfume commercial starring Angelina Jolie. Enjoy and let me what you think in a comment on YouTube! “Boudoir” pronounced as /bo͞oˌdwär/ and translated from French literally means “a woman’s bedroom or a private dressing room”. So it means something very intimate, secretions and not supposed to be seen […]

30 Apr 2017

It’s all about hair – Commercial Product Photo Shoot

It’s all about the hair! Straight, wavy, curly, braided, etc. There are so many methods to styling your hair especially when you have long stands of hair. Every lady wants to have beautiful and healthy hair. By doing so, there are products and routines to treat the hair. There are also wigs, extensions as well to change your style up when you’re bored or want a quick and fast change in hair style. This is my first time doing hair […]

16 Mar 2017

Boudoir Photo Shoot at W Hotel in DC

Boudoir sessions are mainly done for private purposes; therefore, not many images will be published publicly. However, I can published this boudoir session with gorgeous model, Lana who wore luxury lingerie provided by Le Bustiere (https://lebustiere.com/). For boudoir sessions, I prefer shooting at hotels for an elegant vibe or at the client’s home for the personal aesthetics. This boudoir session was shoot at the W Hotel in Washington DC. For this session, the images went from a moody and seductive vibe, to […]

04 Feb 2017

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Everyone love shoes especially when they are chic and higher brands! I had the opportunity to shoot my first shoe commercial editorial campaign for Carriage Hill & Co.; a luxury Italian brand. These chic Oxford shoes are made out of Italian leather. For this campaign I went for a luxurious aesthetic to help elevate the shoes. I choose to use silk fabrics to complement the lux feel of the shoes and went for minimalistic shots to represent […]

30 Jan 2017

The Bridal Room’s Grand Opening

With so many wedding sessions lately, I think its time to have this blog published. I had the honors to attend and photographed The Bridal Room in VA’s opening night. It was an amazing grand opening night at a very elegant bridal boutique located in McLean. The guests had a lot of fun, there was a photo-booth, beautiful decors, cake, favors, champagne, etc. Models were also present to showcase samples of the beautiful gowns that The Bridal Room has to […]