Romantic Boudoir Video and Photo Shoot

Last year we had a collaboration with model Anastasia Vakula and a talented hair& makeup artist Alisa Venglinskaya and created this seductive boudoir video at my studio.

It was inspired by a perfume commercial starring Angelina Jolie. Enjoy and let me what you think in a comment on YouTube!

“Boudoir” pronounced as /bo͞oˌdwär/ and translated from French literally means “a woman’s bedroom or a private dressing room”.


So it means something very intimate, secretions and not supposed to be seen by others, especially not men. But we all know that French people basically invented the game of seduction. So leaving a door a bit open as if by mistake, just enough to get a glimpse of what’s on the inside – that’s the art of seduction.

boudoir-photographer-studio-washington-dc-photographer-ksenia-pro-photography-boudoir-video-4  boudoir-photographer-studio-washington-dc-photographer-ksenia-pro-photography-boudoir-video-5


In modern photography intimate boudoir portraits have been becoming more popular, giving women the freedom to express themselves and test their limits.

Boudoir sessions are very nerve-racking at first, but extremely empowering.


Wearing next to nothing I’m front of the camera will make you feel exposed and uncomfortable at first, but with friendly and professional guidance from your boudoir photographer you will gain the conference after the first few awkward moments.


I’ve been doing boudoir photography for over 5 years, first two years working exclusively as a boudoir photographer for a well known national boudoir company. I was flying between DC, Boston, New York and Chicago photographing women on their underwear at luxury hotel suits for living.


I know it must sound very glamorous, but I was working hard, delivering the best boudoir experience. And I’ve seen it all!

So honestly nothing can surprise me, and no judgement whatsoever. I just want my clients to feel good about themselves and their bodies. I want my clients to have fun and enjoy themselves. And I want to take best pictures I can to make myself proud on the process 😁


So if you’re thinking of doing a boudoir session, don’t wait thinking you need to loose 10 pounds. Because you really don’t. I make everyone look and feel their best, like they are doing a photo shoot for a magazine cover.

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